• custom cast aluminum logos, up to 7 foot dia.    
  • automotive intake manifold castings
  • automotive bell housing castings
  • aluminum grille castings for railing
  • aluminum component castings
  • cast aluminum flanges for construction
  • cast aluminum machine parts

We at Hawver Aluminum Foundry Inc. have close to 50 years experience  in  producing quality    Aluminum castings , Brass  castings and Bronze castings. Our foundry has a wide range of capabilities  from  one custom prototype casting  to thousands of production castings.
Brass and Bronze

  • custom replacement  300 pound bronze strut casting
  • custom cast bronze plaques
  • custom cast and polished  brass finials
  • custom cast bronze drain castings
  • custom cast brass store fixture castings
  • cast brass railing flanges and  components
  • cast bronze  parts for marine applications
Made in the United States of America
  Hawver Aluminum Foundry Inc.
                                                                                        Tampa, Florida